"Ingin jadi mentari berharap bisa menerangi"

Happy Birthday To My Friend

Today , it is my friend birthday and I would like to wish his the most lovely “Happy Birthday”. I hope you a wonderful birthday.

I will always love you friend and remember this, why the God give you 2 eyes, 2 hands, 2 ears, 2 legs, but God just give you one heart, only one! Because God give you other one to some one else. So wait for it to come!

Friend…, when I think of you, I think of all that, we’ve been through all the time we argue and fight. I know deep inside that it isn’t right. I than feel bad ang a lot of pain. It feel like I’ve fallen from the sky like the rain.

I pray to you every night, it’s like you’re my fire a burning light’

I have so many wishes for you. I wish for you to have people in your life who will care about you, exciting things to do, easy solution to any problems, knowledge to make the right decision, strength in your values, laughter and fun. I wish for you to have happiness in all that you do.



  1. renxe

    there’s no jewelry that exceeds the value of a friend
    keep your love to them, more than the one they’ve given to you
    be in their side both in a sadness or happiness
    hope you’ll find what’s the truly friendship is

    happy birthday ^^

    *rara kapan nih ultahnya?* hehehe

  2. hepi bersdey tu yu, hepi bersdey tu yu,
    bagi kuenya, bagi kuenya, bagi kuenya sekarang juga, sekarang juga

  3. oke tuh coretan ultahnya 🙂

  4. Moga temannya tambah hebat
    Wah senangnya dia punya sahabat sepertimu 🙂

  5. happy bday dechh buat temannya 😀

  6. Bulan ini ada 6 temannya yang ultah ya ❓
    Ni temannya yang ke berapa ❓

  7. halo salam kenal !!
    mampir ke blog ku ya!!!

  8. waw..salam selamat ultah yah buat temennya ^^

  9. nice word sist …

  10. cikeledut

    met ultah buat temenya…
    mana foto temenya ?? hahaha

  11. good job…

  12. hehehe …. mimpi kali ye ….

  13. eh .. maaf , commentnya kok masuk sini ya ? tadi saya kasi feedback di postingan Tertidur DI Kamar Mandi !

    Kaburrrr ah ….

  14. @renxe


    Bentar lagi kak…


    Mau kue?




    Seneng juga punya sahabat seperti kakak…

    @zoel chaniago


    @Mr. Momod

    yang terakhir…


    Salam kenal juga…

    iya kapan-kapan ya….

    @mrs. children



    thx sist…


    met ultah juga buat kamu…





    salah kamar ya…

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